The results of the August 27: a Fire in Moscow, the withdrawal of Azov

Итоги 27 августа: Пожар в Москве, отвод Азова

Azov regiment withdrawn from Mariupol presents the main events of yesterday.

ISIS showed a video in which children executed prisoners of the Kurds in Syria

Extremist group “Islamic state” published online videos in which five boys killed in Syria of captured fighters of the Kurdish militia. According to the jihadists, one of captured on video boys from Britain.

The death toll in the fire in Moscow has increased to 17

The death toll in a fire in the North-East of Moscow rose to 17 people, reported the Russian service Bi-bi-si in the Russian Investigative Committee. According to the official representative of the Moscow dome RCDS Yulia Ivanova, 16 people were found dead on the spot, another woman died in hospital. According to the MOE, the dead were migrant workers from Kyrgyzstan.

The national guard explained the withdrawal of Azov city of Mariupol

Part of the Azov regiment were withdrawn from Mariupol in connection with the planned regrouping of forces to gain control over the Azov coast. This was reported by press service of the national guard. “In the ATO conducted a planned regrouping of forces and means of the national guard. With the purpose of strengthening of control of the Azov coast, to prevent the penetration of sabotage and reconnaissance groups part of a separate group of a special purpose of military unit 3057 “Azov” was deployed to perform tasks in this direction”, – noted in the NSU.

Russia lifts restrictions on flights to Turkey

Today, Russian airlines may apply to the Federal air transport Agency applications for Charter flights to Turkey, told RIA Novosti source in the Ministry. “Today lifted restrictions on flights to Turkey Charter flights,” he said.

The number of victims of earthquake in Italy has reached 290

The number of victims of earthquake in Italy has risen to 290 people. In addition, 388 people were hospitalized with injuries, 40 of them in critical condition.

The ex-mayor of Kherson arrested in the Dominican Republic

The ex-mayor of Kherson Vladimir Saldo arrested for three months. Comments about this edition of the Kherson BRIDGE said Denis Pashchenko who allegedly kidnapped a former mayor. According to him, the court Balances refused to testify in his own defense.

Murder in crooked Lake was caught on video

Investigators investigating the murder of policemen in the curve Lake local resident Alexander Zuckerman, there was a record from the cameras, which filmed the entire incident. On this edition of news-N said a source in the Prosecutor’s office. Record made by a video surveillance camera of one of the adjacent shops. According to the source, the record shows also that moment when Zuckerman shoot.

Under the Ishmael child murder led to riots

The murder of eight-year-old girl in the village Loshchynivka Izmail district sparked riots, reports “Duma”. The child’s body with signs of violent death was found in an abandoned house on the outskirts of the village. Police brought in a dog handler with a dog from Odessa and quickly found the suspect. It was the 20-year-old resident of Loshchynivka.