The resurrection of Manchester United: Ferguson has helped Mourinho to fix it

Воскрешение МЮ: Фергюсон помог Моуриньо все исправить

Jose Mourinho and sir Alex Ferguson

The red Devils once again came out on the winning trail and show a very convincing game… thanks to Alex Ferguson?

In the first months of the season, the Red Devils are stuck in a kind of crisis, losing points where should have been easy to defeat because of their saturated composition.

Of course, all of this caused a wave of criticism of Jose, and his status as “Special” has seriously deteriorated in the eyes of the fans and the press.

The lowest point of the fall for the team Mourinho was a crushing defeat from Chelsea (0:4), after which the Portuguese Manager even went to apologize to the fans.

It would seem that things have Jose go could not be worse. His team has become increasingly estranged from the first place in the League, and the Portuguese judges was twice kicked out on the podium, but in the end, everything gradually began to improve. In the last four Premier League matches United has produced four wins, firmly entrenched in the top half of the table and continuing the fight for getting into the top 4, but maybe for the championship.

They say that the credit for this belongs to the legendary former United coach sir Alex Ferguson, who helped Special to restore faith in themselves and to provide adequate impact on the team.

Воскрешение МЮ: Фергюсон помог Моуриньо все исправить

According to The Sun, that the words of support and advice from Ferguson helped Jose to pull myself together and gain control of the situation.

The Scot, who is a Board member of the club, held with josé a secret meeting in order to speak with him eye to eye. In an interview with Portuguese sir Alex advised him to stop pretending and start acting the same as he did throughout his career. In addition, Ferguson shared some thoughts on how to manage a team and use the available Arsenal, Mourinho performers.

At the moment, Manchester United is a 6th place in the championship, 13 points behind leaders Chelsea.

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