The return of auto inspection: bribes or order

Возвращения техосмотра авто: взятки или порядок

In Ukraine will return the inspection?

In Ukraine can return to compulsory inspection of vehicles, in any case such a bill developed by the Ministry of infrastructure.

Annual inspections of cars in Ukraine abolished 7 years ago.

The idea of the return of official inspection – is not new. Even in 2015, the Ministry of Infrastructure has proposed to introduce a compulsory technical inspection of passenger cars in 2019.

But then about such plans and forgot to return to him again now. Now the Ministry even has a the bill, and it has published for public comment.

What surprises do you have for the Ukrainian motorists?

Why is it necessary?

At the moment a mandatory vehicle inspection are vehicles performing commercial transportation.

One of the requirements of the Association agreement with the EU – to conduct inspection of all vehicles who travel from Ukraine to member countries of the EU. Such machines should have the appropriate pass technical inspection of the vehicle.

In Mininfrastruktury say that the main purpose of the bill is to reduce accidents on the roads and to bring Ukrainian legislation into line with European.

The bill will return to mandatory regular inspections from 1 January 2022. Inspection of private passenger cars is proposed to conduct every two years, but regardless of this schedule, the inspection should osuschestvyatsya during registration or re-registration of vehicle and change of its owner, refurbishing, and in case of departure outside the customs control of Ukraine.

I’d check and who

Inspection will be carried out by private companies, accredited by the National accreditation Agency and have the necessary material and technical base. The experts of the inspection will be to pay a regular fee to the interior Ministry for access to the registry.

Will check brake assemblies and steering, exterior lighting, tires and wheels, the throughput of glass, gas equipment, systems and components on road safety and environmental protection.

The owner of the car will issue a special card with an electronic chip, where it will be the date of the inspection and information about the suitability of the vehicle for operation.

Penalty for operation of vehicle without pass inspection is up to 1, 7 thousand hryvnia. If the driver with this violation will be caught a second time, it will be deprived of rights for a period of 3 to 6 months.


Motorists in doubt. Primarily because previously, the inspection was nothing but a turn for the crust, which just sold for money.

That is the main thing to back inspection on the principles of corruption.

Experts believe that it makes no sense to conduct inspection of new vehicles. “New cars up to 4-5 years in Europe are not subject to any inspection. Responsible for them by the manufacturer. Clearly. This rate should be even without discussion: new car inspection does not pass,” – says the General Director of the Ukrainian Association avtoimporterov and dealers Oleg Nazarenko.

I agree with him and avtoyurist Denis Conosco.

“The inspection should establish the technical condition of the car, including, necessarily commercial vehicles, taxis, carriers and so on. It is possible, inspection is necessary for foreign cars older than 5-7 years. Do I need a checkup 2-3 year old car is debatable. In my opinion, are not needed,” he said.

However, according to the expert, the first thing is to exclude technical inspection — traffic accidents due to bad technical condition of the car. However, according to statistics, cancellation or refund of inspection, are not affected and will not affect the number of accidents resulting from inadequate technical condition, said Konyshko.