The return of the ships goes according to plan – the Ukrainian Navy

The transfer of ships will take place today

Transfer captured almost a year ago ships will take place today in international waters. On the eve of the court brought the port of Kerch.

The commander of the Navy APU Igor Voronchenko assured that the process of return of occupied Ukraine in the Kerch Strait almost a year ago ships goes according to plan, reports UNN on Monday, November 18.

“There is a process. Officers are at the point mentioned. All according to plan” – said Voronchenko.

Details of the transfer of ships was announced by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Maidan of foreign Affairs Andrey Klimenko.

“Monitoring group”of the Institute of the black sea strategic studies, editorial BlackSeaNews and Maidan foreign Affairs reported that at about 4:00 (Kyiv time) 18.11.2019 tugs arrived in the waiting area, where there should be transfer of the Ukrainian Navy ships captured (map 1)”, – he wrote in Facebook.

As noted, this place is at a distance of 18 miles (33.3 km) due South of Cape Opuk, which is the Kerch Peninsula, that is in international waters. According to Klimenko, roughly 10 miles (18.5 km) to the East is the point where almost a year ago there was a seizure of Ukrainian military boats and tug naval forces of Ukraine (map 2).

On the eve it became known that the ships left the port of Kerch and are towed into international waters, where on 18 November will be donated to the Ukrainian military.

Recall, Russian border guards attacked and captured three Ukrainian vessel – armored and Nikopol, Berdyansk, as well as tugs Jana tray – 25 November 2018. The crew of the ships seized, accused of illegal border crossing and arrested.

On 25 may 2019, the international Tribunal for the law of the sea UN decided that no criminal offence was not, and Russia should release the sailors and to return the Ukrainian ships. Russia the decision was not fulfilled.


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