The RF used in the Donbas the most powerful tank in his army – Bellingcat

РФ использовала на Донбассе самый мощный танк в своей армии, - Bellingcat

Russia used in the fighting in the Donbass battle tank T-90 and its modifications, which is a most powerful armored vehicles in service with the army of the Russian Federation. About it reports the edition Bellingcat.

The first production model T-90 was released in 1992, however, delivery of these tanks to Ukraine is not carried out.

The report States that the messages that the tanks family of T-90 that was seen in the East of Ukraine, began to arrive in the summer of 2014. 2016 visual material confirming such statements.
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An example is the video posted to YouTube, which allegedly was taken on 25 August 2014. Thus, the video was recorded at the end of the battle for Ilovaysk, when the terrorists actively engaged in hostilities. Notable is the fact that during the fighting some Russian tanks were destroyed. The publication notes that without the original file to establish the exact date of recording is impossible, however, to confirm the recording location using the method geolocation.

First about the existence of this video said watching the progress of the conflict in Ukraine Askai707 – 21 October 2016, he wrote on Twitter. He also spent a geolocation video, confirming the presence of tanks T-90A in a war zone. The video was shot near the railway crossing to the South-East of the village of Bald Luhansk region.

Video Russian tanks T-90 BMD-2 under Novosvitlivka in Luhansk region. Probably 25.08.2014.

— Askai (@askai707) 21 Nov 2016.

The publication notes that the available visual material is clear that in the summer of 2014 in the East of Ukraine were the tanks T-90A, probably belonging to the 136th separate motorized rifle brigade of the Russian Federation.
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