The richest footballers in the world

Самые богатые футболисты мира

The richest footballers in the world

King sports has been football. Millions of people are watching the battles on the football field, watching the performance of your favorite players in the club teams and national teams of their countries.

It is well known that high level players get high salaries, fees, bonuses. Rich players are popular media persona that allows them to participate in advertising campaigns of famous brands and fill up your Bank account sums with multiple zeros.

In the ranking – the richest footballers in the world as of 2018. The total income of each of the TOP 10 – tens of millions of dollars. The list includes three Brazilians, Portuguese, Argentinian, a Swede, a Spaniard, two Englishmen and a Cameroonian.

Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – 280 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Cristiano Ronaldo / photos:

The richest footballer in the world. Portuguese footballer this summer changed the club. Today it stands for the Italian “Juventus”. The amount of transfer of real Madrid made 100 million euros. The contract with the Italians, Ronaldo is signed until 2022.

In the “real”, since 2009, Cristiano has become a four-time winner of the Champions League, repeated champion of Spain, he is the champion of Europe of 2016. The salary of a 33-year-old footballer in the Spanish club amounted to $ 23 million per year.

The career of Portuguese began in Lisbon “sporting”. A young man drew the attention of the legendary coach of English club “Manchester United” – sir Alex Ferguson. In 2003, Ronaldo became the player of “Manchester”.

The transfer amount was small, just over 12 million pounds. By 2007, the salary of a goalscorer has reached 120 thousand pounds a week. He was the highest paid player in the history of English club. In 2009, the transfer of Ronaldo to real Madrid cost the Spanish 93.5 million euros.

In addition to revenues from football, Ronaldo gets a lot of fees for advertising Nike, Motorola, Fly Emirates, Armani and Tag Heuer. Does footballer and Commerce, he patented the brand name “CR7”, which sells clothing, accessories, lingerie, shoes.

Lionel Messi (Argentina) – 218 $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Lionel Messi / photo:

“Eternal” rival Cristiano Ronaldo for the title of best footballer on the planet. 31-year-old Argentine called “football Messiah”, the only four-time winner of the Golden ball FIFA, Olympic champion in 2008. Number ten of Barcelona gave the Spanish club the 15 years of his life, has won the multiple titles. The only title that is not as the asset Lionel Messi, world champion.

Until 2014, the amount of the contract of Messi with the Spanish giants amounted to 150 million euros. Rewrite the contract in 2016 and there have already been 250 million Euro. In 2017, Messi signed a new deal with Barcelona until 2021. According to the contract, the player gets 106 million annually


At the end of last year it became known that the amount of compensation the player has grown from 300 million to 700 million euros. In addition, Messi involved in advertising campaigns: Adidas, Coty, H&M, Sainsbury’s, Samsung and Breitling and gets millions in royalties.

Neymar (Brazil) – 148 mln. $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Neymar / photo:

Neymar Da Silva Santos Junior is captain of Brazil, who plays for “Paris Saint Germain”. In the 2014/2015 season, the Brazilian scored a hat-trick, winning with the Spanish “Barcelona” from three trophies: the Spanish championship, the Cup and the Champions League. Neymar is the current Olympic champion (2016).

2013 Neymar plays in European clubs. Career began in the Spanish “Barcelona”, which was paid to Santos, where were the football player, 57 million euros, and the amount of compensation for the 26-year-old player was 190 million euros. The salary of Neymar under the contract amounted to 7 million euros.

In 2016 Neymar extended his contract with the Spanish club until 2021. Wages the Brazilian striker is 32.5 million euros. But in the summer of 2017, it was announced the transition striker in the French “PSG”. Today, the annual salary of 26-year-old Neymar about 10 million euros, not including bonuses and fees for advertising famous brands: Nike, Sony, Red Bull, AmBev, Santander, Unilever, Volkswagen.

Zlatan ibrahimović (Sweden) is 114 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Zlatan Ibrahimovic / photo:

37-year-old Swede of Bosnian-Croatian descent live today in the United States, where he played for the club “Los Angeles galaxy”.

Ibrahimovic’s stellar career began in 2001 in the Dutch “Ajax”, which paid for it in Sweden “Malmo” almost 8 million euros. Three years later, the Swede signed a contract with Italian Juventus. The “price” of the player amounted to € 16 million. Career at Juventus was short-lived – only two years, after which Zlatan moved to inter Milan, where he played three complete seasons.

Further career of the Swede continued in Spain: the Italians for 46 million euros it bought by Barcelona. In 2012, after playing for AC Milan, Ibrahimovic has long been in the French “Paris Saint Germain”. The transfer amount was 60 million euros. From 2016 to 2018 the Swede played for the English “Manchester United”, which was one of the highest paid players received 350 thousand dollars a week, and 27 million dollars a year.

March 2018 in favour of the American club, where his salary is much lower than in European clubs, – a total of 1.8 million dollars. The contract with “Los Angeles galaxy” – until the end of 2019. The Ibrahimovic signed endorsement deals with: Nike, Volvo.

Wayne Rooney (England) – 112 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Wayne Rooney / photos:

32-year-old English player with Irish roots, one of the most renowned players in England, the best striker of “Manchester United” in the history of the club. In 2018 in favour of American football team “D.C. United”.

Club career, Rooney in the elite club began in 2002, when he moved from the youth team of Everton in the main team. But after 2 years became a player of “Manchester United”, where he played for 13 years.

Transfer Rooney was 25.6 million pounds. In 2010 it became known that Rooney received 250 thousand pounds a week and in 2013 he was named the richest footballer in Foggy Albion with an annual income of 17 million pounds.

In 2016, the assets of Wayne totaled 82 million British pounds. In the summer of 2018, Rooney moved to the United States, according to the contract he will receive 13 million dollars.

Ricardo Kaka (Brazil) is 105 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Ricardo Kaka / photo:

Brazilian midfielder Ricardo Izecson DOS Santos Leite or Kaka already finished his career. And it began in 2001 while playing for the Brazilian “Sao Paulo”. Kaka, the owner of “Golden ball”-2007, he has the title of champion in the championship and Coppa Italia titles, the Champions League.

Since 2003, Kaka defended the colors of the Italian Milan, which paid the Brazilian club € 8.5 million. A six-year contract ended with the transition in 2009 in Spanish “real Madrid”. The amount of the transfer – of 68.5 million euros. At this same time the English “Manchester city” has offered the player to move to England for 100 million pounds, but the Brazilian refused.

In 2013, Kaka returned to AC Milan, where having played for just one season, moved to the United States. There he played for a League club in the MLS, “Orlando city” and received a salary of 7 million per year. In 2017, finished his playing career at the age of 36.

Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon) – 95 million$

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Samuel Eto’o / photo:

37-year-old Cameroonian forward played for Qatari club “SK Qatar.” Considered the best striker of the African continent.

Samuel’s professional career began in 1997, when he started to play for real Madrid. From 2004 to 2009, defended the colors of any other grandee of Spain – “Barcelona”. The team bought a player for 24 million euros. Next three seasons he played for the Italian “inter”.

Russian “Anzhi” Eto’o acquired in 2011 by paying Milan € 29 million. The annual salary of the Cameroonian also amounted to almost 29 million euros. The contract was signed until 2013.

After the Russian club’s Samuel spoke in English: Chelsea and Everton. In 2015 played for Turkish clubs Antalyaspor and “Konyaspor”, and this year moved to Qatari club.

Ronaldinho (Brazil) is 95 mln. $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Ronaldinho / photo:

Ronaldo de assis Moreira is not acting since January of this year, his professional career ended at the age of 37. Ronaldinho winner of the “Golden ball” (2005), and was twice the best player in the world.

The “star” career began with performances for the French “Paris Saint Germain” in 2001. The French gave a Brazilian player more than 5 million euros. In 2003, the talented striker for 32 million euros paid to the Spanish “Barcelona”. In 2006, English “Chelsea” wanted to buy a player for 70 million euros, but the Spaniards did not agree.

In 2008 Ronaldinho 25.5 million was willing to pay another English club – “Manchester city”, but the Brazilian has not given consent to the transfer. Italian “Milan” has bought the Brazilian for € 21 million in 2008. In 2011, Ronaldinho moved to live and play in his native country. First, he played for Flamengo, then – “Atletico Mineiro” and “Fluminense”.

Raul Gonzalez (Spain) – 93 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Raul Gonzalez / photo:

Raul finished his professional career in 2015 and today is coach of the Junior team “real Madrid”. This team was the “heyday” of the player as a striker, he is considered a legend of the club.

Raul, three – time winner of the UEFA Champions League, six-time Spanish champion. Played at Real Madrid from 1994 to 2010. At the age of 33 moved to Germany, where he played for the team of Schalke. In 2012 moved to Qatari club, and finished his career in the USA in the team “new York Cosmos”.

Frank Lampard (England) – 87 million $

Самые богатые футболисты мира

Frank Lampard / photo:

English midfielder no longer plays, his career ended a little more than a year ago. His name is associated the English club Chelsea, in which he came in 2001 and played until 2014. The amount of the transfer amounted to 11 million pounds.

After leaving Chelsea he played a season at Manchester city, and in 2015 made the decision to move to USA and play for the “new York city”. Today is the coach of English club Derby County.