The robot of Sofia Groysman told about Ukraine

Робот София рассказала Гройсману об Украине

Groisman talked to the robot Sophia

The Prime Minister has published a response to Sofia in the social network. The robot gave him a few facts about the country and the achievements of its residents.

The robot of Sofia for the first time visited Ukraine and met with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. The meeting was held on Thursday, October 11, during the presentation of the children-innovators for its development in the field of robotics.

Volodymyr Groysman asked Sofia on what she knows about Ukraine and published its response in his microblog on Twitter.

“On the territory of Ukraine is concentrated a quarter of all stocks of black soil on earth. The world’s first largest lifting plane Mriya was developed by the Ukrainian design Bureau Antonov. The world’s first Constitution appeared in Ukraine, in 1710. Composer Nikolay Leontovich from the Ukraine belongs to the most recognizable and popular piece of music Szczedrzyk” – replied the robot of Sofia.

Spital scho robot Sophia know about Ukraine. Kazhe, shcho we have QWERTY vsogo chornozem world, naili have in litak “Mriya”, nipers the Constitution also wrote at 1710 year in Ukraine. And composer Michal the Leontovich nalezyty naybilsh itsname I Strabane muzichny TVR “shchedryk”

— Volodymyr Groysman (@VGroysman) 11 Oct 2018

Informed the robot of Sofia refused to kiss will Smith. Video Dating Hollywood actor and the humanoid robot became an Internet hit.

Before the humanoid Sofia plans to start a family.


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