The Rover Curiosity has resumed

Марсоход Curiosity возобновил работу

The Rover Curiosity has resumed work after a failure

In September 2018 the device has detected problems with the memory block. The Rover switched to a backup computer.

The Rover Curiosity, which recently had computer problems, resumed research work. This is reported on the official website of NASA.

In September of this year, Curiosity had problems with the memory block. The experts were able to remotely fix the computer Side-A, which failed five years ago.

On this computer, and switched the phone while set up Side-Now the Rover is running on a single computer, allowing him to resume activity on the planet.

Experts note that fully work Curiosity can only with two computers. The machine you need to use more memory.

Curiosity began work on Mars in 2012, together with the Rover Opportunity that have appeared on the planet in 2004. Summer Opportunity was in a sand storm. NASA is still unable to find the missing Rover. Previously, the Curiosity Rover experienced a similar thing, and showed selfi on the background of the storm.

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