The Rover found previously unknown organisms

Марсоход нашел ранее неизвестные организмы

Found unknown bacteria

The device worked in the driest place of the Earth and found an undiscovered organisms that can survive in extremely harsh conditions.

Experimental the Rover Zoë found on Earth, previously unknown to science bacteria. It is reported by Science Alert.

The Rover was working in the Atacama desert, collecting samples of soil. The device removed 90 samples at the depth of 80 cm. Samples collected by the Rover explored at Yale University and the National University of Singapore.

It turned out that they contain bacteria that can survive in extremely salty and alkaline soils, as well as single-celled organisms use for survival methane. Some of the detected organisms were not previously known to science.

Experts believe that Zoë found places in the Atacama desert, where conditions are so extreme that there was no living beings.

Earlier it was reported that the guy was in the kitchen unknown to science beings. Also the Correspondent wrote that marine bacteria are able to “eat” the oil.

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