The Russian Federation intends to use the polygon Chauda in the occupied Crimea to prepare aerospace forces

РФ намерена использовать полигон Чауда в оккупированном Крыму для подготовки воздушно-космических сил

The Russian military will hold on the Crimean polygon Chauda at Feodosiya competition flight training “Aviadarts-2016”. This was reported to journalists by the commander in chief VC of the Russian Federation Viktor Bondarev, reports “TASS”.

As noted, the landfill Chauda in the annexed Crimea will be the first marine ground Air and space forces (VKS) Russia will be to train pilots long-range bombers Tu-22M3.

“In the future everything here will remain for training crews of glitz. The polygon will be year-round, the flyers will be working on it at any time of the day and night on all types of aircraft. Even Tu-22M3 will work here,” said the commander in chief.

At the landfill, he said, the Russian military will “work and from the land by sea, and by sea by land”.

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According to Bondarev, “we need this ground, and we’ll do it.”

“Based on what I saw today on the range, I think that 85-90 percent of the landfill is ready. By the beginning of “Aviadarts” ‘ll totally have time to finish, I have no doubt about that,” added the commander in chief.

Earlier in the NSDC reported that Russia, Syria and the Donbass is a free polygons for training different types of troops.