The Russian foreign Ministry said that Kyiv is preparing a provocation in the Kerch Strait

В МИД РФ заявили, что Киев готовит провокацию в Керченском проливе

In Russia said about preparing provocations in the Kerch Strait

Ukraine, according to Lavrov, intends to conduct a breakout through the Strait without the permission of Russia, but with the presence of NATO representatives.

The Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov on Thursday, February 21, said that the Ukrainian authorities are preparing another provocation in the Kerch Strait and try to bring it to NATO countries, TASS reported.

He said this at a briefing for representatives of the Association of European businesses (AEB).

“Now they are preparing another breakthrough with the violation of rules of passage of this complex area. Now they are preparing illegal attempt to break without queries, without safety, without pilots. And, as I said, the poll of the NATO countries inviting them to send representatives to these ships, together with NATO to break through the Kerch Strait,” – said the head of the Russian foreign Ministry.

Lavrov called the Ukrainian government provocateurs who don’t have “use rukopozhatnym attitude in the Western world”.

Earlier in the presidential Administration of Ukraine reported that he had discussed with the NATO Secretary General ways to solve the situation in the area of Azov.


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