The Russian foreign Ministry summoned the Ambassador of Israel in connection with the strike near the Russian military in Syria

Representatives of the Ministry of foreign Affairs summoned the Ambassador of Israel in Moscow to explain the situation over the airstrike of the Israeli air force in close proximity to Russian troops. About it the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov told journalists Deutsche Welle.

“Of course, we expressed concern. We have a special communication channel, and we would like to make this channel work more effectively, and avoid misunderstandings about who is doing what,” said the diplomat told reporters.

As we learned earlier, Israeli aircraft on the night of March 17, attacked near the location of the Russian military at Palmyra. According to the Syrian army, four Israeli warplanes violated Syrian airspace and attacked one of the military facilities.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu later said that the aim of the operation was the destruction of weapons intended for the Lebanese radical grouping “Hezbollah” which in Israel consider a terrorist.

The Syrian army command announced that in response to these actions by the Syrian air defenses opened fire and shot down an Israeli aircraft over the Golan heights. The Israeli side, in turn, denied reports about the loss of his plane in Syria.

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