The Russian foreign Ministry was offended by the statement by the Violin of “morons”

МИД РФ обиделся на заявление Скрипки о "дебилах"

The musician gave an interview in which he criticized do not want to learn Ukrainian.

The leader of the band Vopli Vidopliassova Oleh Skrypka spoke to the students of the School of journalism of the newspaper Ukrainska Pravda. There he made a statement which shocked not only the Russian foreign Ministry, but even Avakov.

“People who can’t learn Ukrainian, have a low IQ, so were diagnosed with “idiocy”. They must be separated because they are socially dangerous, it is necessary to create a ghetto for them. And we will help them how to help people with problems, on a volunteer basis we sing them Vladimir Central” – said the Violin.

It immediately reacted to the Russian foreign Ministry. The official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova wrote on his page.

“This should take the form of stretch marks and hang from Boryspil Airport to downtown:”Welcome participants of Eurovision. Feel in Europe, we are building a ghetto for morons who don’t speak Ukrainian. Welcome to Ukraine!” And Kuchma was offended at the title of the book “Ukraine is not Russia”. Yes, it is a million times right, and thank God!!!!!”

The heads of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov reacted to the interview of the Violin.

“Those who bring art to people and demand special. Therefore, today’s fake pearl singer Violin about not speaking Ukrainian people is particularly disgusting.

I’m sorry he spoke about a ghetto in UKRAINE – in a country where FREEDOM was and I am sure will remain a major imperative for an enlightened man!” – Avakov wrote.

Himself Oleg Skrypka explained in an interview with the Opinion that he didn’t mean it, and his quotes are often distorted. In addition, the Violin noticed that you don’t have to treat musicians.

“I believe that everyone needs to do their job. And when people focus their attention on real problems, and in the words of the artists, it means that our society and your society is sick,” said the Violin.

We will remind, earlier in Ukraine was a scandal because of an interview with Ivan Dorn, who called Russia a “big brother”, and relations between the countries – fight.

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