The Russian government has approved joining the armed forces of the unrecognized South Ossetia into the Russian

Правительство РФ одобрило вхождение вооруженных сил непризнанной Южной Осетии в состав российских

The Russian government has approved a draft agreement with the breakaway Republic of South Ossetia on the order of occurrence of the number of units of the Armed forces of the Russian Federation. The corresponding decree №271 of 7 March was published on the official Internet portal of legal information of the Russian Federation.

“To approve presented by the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation agreed with the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and other interested Federal bodies of Executive power and previously worked with the South Ossetian side a draft agreement between the Russian Federation and Republic (unrecognized – ed.) of South Ossetia on the order of occurrence of the individual units of the armed forces of the Republic of South Ossetia in structure of the armed forces”, – the document says.

The proposal of signing of the agreement will be sent to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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We will remind, South Ossetia self-proclaimed state in the South Caucasus. The international community, including Ukraine, considers South Ossetia as a zone of ethno-political conflict, while recognizing that it’s part of the territory of Georgia. In 2008, with the support and armed intervention of Russia, the region was completely removed from the control of Georgia. Then the independence of South Ossetia recognized the Russian Federation, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Nauru.

As Russia supports the rebels in Eastern Ukraine. Representatives of illegal armed groups supplying weapons and food. According to the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories of Heorhii tuka, 30% of the fighting in the Donbas Russian military.

Russia has already officially recognized the validity of “passport LDNR”.

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