The Russian state Duma adopted the “law of sadists”

Госдума РФ приняла "закон садистов"

The state Duma adopted in the third final reading a bill regulating the use of physical force, special means and firearms to prisoners, also known as the “law of sadists,” according to the website of the TV channel “Rain”.

Under the bill, officers will be able to use non-lethal weapons to curb any violations of the detention regime, blocking of movement of groups of prisoners and “other illegal acts disruptive activities” of the correctional institution. This bill eliminates the concept of “hard-core” resistance and disobedience to the prisoner the employee of Federal service of execution of punishments.

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The document was introduced by the government in may 2015, but passed the second reading in December 2016. The text was substantially modified, it removed the most controversial provision that allowed employees of the Federal penitentiary service to use batons and stun guns for any breach of the regime. This item human rights activists initially called the document “the law of sadists”.

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The bill also introduces the requirement to “immediately” call a doctor convicted after using force, special means or weapons. The employees of the FSIN would have to allow the doctors to fix all the damage the convicted.

When using force, special means or weapons, staff of prisons and colonies should be possible to use a portable DVR or camcorder. The law established the requirement not to obey illegal orders of the management on the use of force and special means.

The document will come into force after approval by the Federation Council and signing by the President.

As reported in the Khmelnitsky region. in the Castle of the colony the prisoners dissatisfied with the conditions of detention, in protest, cut their veins.