“The Russian” water Crimea will cost 20 billion

"Российская" вода обойдется Крыму в 20 миллиардов

In the Crimea, the problems with drinking water

In Russia have estimated the cost of water supply of the Peninsula.

Water supply project Eastern part of Crimea, who have experienced the greatest difficulties in connection with the overlap of the Ukraine the Dnieper water supply, will cost 20 billion rubles.

As the head of the Directorate for management of Federal target program for the development of the Peninsula Andrey Nikitchenko, provision of water to residents of Feodosia, Kerch and other cities and towns of the Eastern Crimea will cost the Russian budget in 20 billion roubles.

The project involves the construction of water intakes, a tract of water supply and branching.

As reported Корреспондент.netin October the Minister of natural resources and ecology of Russia Sergey Donskoy promised stable water for the Crimean people by 2019.

In the Crimea prepare for problems with fresh water

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