The Russians at the entrance to Ukraine will take fingerprints

У россиян при въезде в Украину будут брать отпечатки пальцев

The Russians take control

The Europeans will just scan the passport.

In 2016 Ukraine has driven more than 1.5 million Russians, and since the beginning of this year almost 1.4 million in an interview with the Censor.NO said the Chairman of state frontier service of Ukraine Lieutenant-General Peter Cigital.

According to him, the Russians plan to introduce biometric control.

“While the Russians cross the border on foreign passports. But now we are considering that January 1 was introduced biometric control will be fingerprinted. In total we have 157 international and interstate checkpoints. And today we have allocated 300 million UAH for the purchase of scanners, construction jobs, creating a complex system,” said Chical.

However, he noted that the EU border will be equipment that can read biometric passports of the Europeans.

“And the Russians, because they have biometric passports no, we will take fingerprints and create a database. This is on the basis of our Gart (Gart – automated information exchange system regarding the control of persons, vehicles and goods crossing the state border of Ukraine. – ed.). This information will transfer to different agencies – the security service, Migration service, police and others,” said Chical.

We will remind, the State border service is planning to increase the number of posts on the border of the country and to shorten the distance between them in accordance with European standards.