The sale of electricity abroad rose media

Продажи электричества за границу выросли - СМИ

Ukraine increased electricity sales abroad

The supply of electricity in the direction of Hungary, Slovakia and Romania increased by 48.4%.

Ukraine in January-February has increased the sale of electricity abroad is 37.2% (263.9 m kWh) compared to the same period of 2016 to 972,5 million kWh.

This writes Interfax-Ukraine with reference to isotonic the Ministry of energy and coal industry.

It is reported that the supply of electricity with energoostrova Burshtyn TPP towards Hungary, Slovakia and Romania increased by 48.4% (257,3 million kWh) – up to 788,5 million kWh.

The supply of electricity in Poland increased by 5.3 per cent (9.3 million kWh) – up to 184,1 million kWh.

While in Moldova, Belarus and Russia in January-February-2017 Ukrainian electricity was exported, while during the same period of 2016 to these countries were delivered 2.6 million kWh.

In February 2017 the export of Ukrainian electricity totaled 413,3 mln kW-h, which is 13.9 percent (50,3 million kWh) more than in February 2016.

In addition, Ukraine in January-February 2017 imported 8.3 million kWh of electricity (from Russia – 8.1 million kWh, Belarus – 0.2 mn kWh) against 10.7 million kWh in 2 months of 2016. Import in January-February of 2017 were considered for the contracts of GP energy as a technological movement.

Ukraine in 2016 exported electricity on $152,063 million, including in Hungary – $119,317 million, Poland – $32,392 million, Moldova – $0,347 million other countries $million 0,007

Recall that last month was introduced a state of emergency in the energy sector of Ukraine.

According to him, to turn off the light in the seven areas.