The sale of Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank of the Russian Federation: the transaction Amount was estimated at $ 130 million

Продажа украинской "дочки" "Сбербанка" РФ: Сумму сделки оценили в 130 млн долларов

The amount of the transaction for the sale of Ukrainian “daughter” of Sberbank amounted to slightly less than its capital – approximately $ 130 million. About it reports on Wednesday, March 29, the newspaper “Kommersant” citing its sources.

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“We are talking about approximately 130 million dollars. This compares with a capital of Ukrainian PJSC “Sberbank”, which, according to international reports, January-September 2016, is 144 million dollars. All funds, according to sources, “b”, will be transferred to the buyer immediately after the entry into force of the contract of purchase and sale”, – the newspaper writes.
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The sources said that the negotiations with these investors, “Sberbank” led to the end of 2016. Was originally declared large amount of the transaction, but the price impact of sanctions against Russian banks, introduced by the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in mid-March, and the blocking of offices of offices of activists in different cities of Ukraine.

We will remind, on March 16, President Petro Poroshenko enacted the decision of the Council of 15 March 2017, “On the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions),” against the banks with Russian state capital operating in Ukraine: Sberbank and VTB, “BM Bank”, “Prominvestbank” and VS Bank (“daughter” of “Sberbank”). They prohibited the withdrawal of capital from Ukraine in favor associated with them.

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