The satellite recorded the displacement of the arches of the bridge Kerch

Спутник зафиксировал смещение арок Керченского моста

Analysis of satellite images showed displacement of the bridge Kerch. In General, identified several critical areas.

Satellite imagery has recorded the displacement of the arches of the bridge Kerch. On Tuesday, November 20, the press service of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

“Kerch bridge – shifts (results of satellite imagery). These conclusions are based on the interferometric method of processing of space images taken from the annexed Crimean Peninsula and the island of Tuzla,” – said in the message.

As told in Minot, fixed a few critical areas where there are processes of displacement. In particular, according to them, in the area of artificial embankments on the part of the Crimean Peninsula marked objects with a vertical displacement with a speed of 89 mm (subsidence) up to 52 mm / yr (uplift).

At the same time, in the Central part of the bridge, as noted in the Department, there is an increase in the arch of the railway with a speed of 30 mm per year, while arch roads sags speeds of up to 32 mm.

In addition, said in Minot, on the territory of the Tuzla island part of the spit sags at a speed of from 10 to 90 mm, and objects near the site of the bridge gives way with a speed of 83 mm per year.

Such displacement of the arches of the bridge Kerch, as noted in Minot with reference to experts, testify to the instability of the seabed in areas to install towers and have a negative impact on the Black sea, can pose a threat to the life and health of people.

In this case, as added in the Ministry, the difficult weather conditions especially in winter in a seismically unstable area can increase destabilizing factors impact on the sustainability of the Kerch bridge.

Previously, builders had completed the construction of the supports of the railway part of the bridge from the annexed Crimea in neighboring Russia.

Recall that the movement of cars on the Kerch bridge opened on may 16, the truck launched on 1 October.

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