The Savchenko interrogation on a polygraph moved

Допрос Савченко на полиграфе перенесли

MP resumes hunger strike, which was interrupted for three days for examination on a polygraph. The follow-up interview scheduled for Tuesday.

The interrogation of Nadezhda Savchenko on the polygraph on Monday, April 16, will not. It was moved to Tuesday. About it the Ukrainian truth was reported by the lawyer of the arrested Oleg Solovey.

“Examination will not be extended today because the experts are not prepared to carry it out. The interrogation was moved to tomorrow. The reason, apparently, some technical,” he said.

In addition, Nightingale added that Savchenko April 16, resumed a hunger strike because an agreement about the meal was only for 3 days.

“She believes that this will not affect the results of the polygraph. Because she said that 3 days was eating, so had accumulated enough strength and confident that the result of the interrogation is not affected”, – he said.

According to the lawyer, Savchenko feels “normal, cheerful and fun”.

Допрос Савченко на полиграфе перенесли



Earlier, the sister of Nadezhda Savchenko said that the Savchenko interrogation on a polygraph interrupted due to tachycardia and elevated temperature.

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