The SBU explained why the more expensive gas

В СБУ объяснили, почему подорожал автогаз

SBU named the reason of price hike of LPG

Blame the internal problems of Ukraine and difficulties for the exporting countries.

The sharp rise in prices of liquefied natural gas used as fuel for vehicles, due to a number of external and internal factors. This was reported in the SBU, Ukrainian news reports.

The Ministry noted that the total LPG consumption in Ukraine in 2016, was 1.45 million tons (more than $ 500 million in cash). In comparison with the year 2015 the consumption of liquefied gas in Ukraine grew by 48.6%.

Recently the wholesale price of propane-butane grew by nearly 70%, which in turn led to higher retail prices for the specified fuel at the filling stations of the state.

According to reports, the main reason for the growth of wholesale and retail prices of liquefied petroleum gas is a hydrocarbon deficit in the amount of 25-30 thousand tons (20% consumption) incurred in connection with the introduction of export restrictions by the Russian Federation due to the lack of gas in the domestic market of the Russian Federation.

Also, the price was affected by scheduled maintenance works at the Rechitsa and Mozyr refinery in Belarus.

In addition, the rise in prices was provoked by the insufficiency of capacities on manufacture of liquefied natural gas to Ukraine in connection with the stagnation of the domestic refining and

the monopolization of the supply of propane-butane from the companies that have the exclusive right to import resource from the structures of OAO NK Rosneft.

Recall that in Ukraine in September rose sharply, prices of the petrol. In this regard, the President Petro Poroshenko announced the penalties for the high price of LPG.