The SBU responded to the claim on Avakov inter

В СБУ ответили на претензии Авакова по "Интеру"

The security service of Ukraine expresses to the Minister of internal Affairs Arsen Avakov thanks for a reminder of the content of the duties of the SBU, which she is “aggressively and professionally every day.”

This was stated press Secretary of SBU Elena Gitlyanskaya in your Facebook.

“I would like to remind the distinguished head of the interior Ministry, some provisions of the legislation of Ukraine. MIA of Ukraine is principal organ in system of the Central bodies of Executive power, which, inter alia, ensure the protection of the rights and freedoms of the person, interests of society and the state,” she said.

Given the circumstances of the SBU is the news, writes Gitlyanskaya.

“If the circumstances were known, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine much earlier, direct responsibility Avakov, acting within the scope and in the way stipulated by the law, Facebook to this is irrelevant) in a timely manner to guide and coordinate the activities of units of the National police, pursuant to the requirements of articles 2 and 214 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine regarding the protection of society and state from unlawful violations by initiating an appropriate investigation,” – said the speaker of the security services.

For 2016, in the framework of criminal proceedings, investigated acts of the citizen “C” on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government and the rest of Ukraine, said the representative of the SBU.

“Currently, linguistic-psychological study of television programs, videos and other sources of information with her speeches and comments. If sufficient data is available concerning reasonable suspicion of the citizen “With the” body of a pretrial investigation of SBU will take appropriate procedural decision”, – she told.

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“We Express gratitude to our colleagues from the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine and other law enforcement agencies, only together we can defend the independence of our country”, – added in SBU.

We will note, earlier Avakov declared that the ideology of the information policy of “inter”, Russian citizen Igor Shuvalov should be sent by the SBU from the country. The Minister noted that there are a sufficient number of facts and evidence anti-state position of the channel.