The scientists said, without deodorant to get rid of the smell of sweat

Ученые рассказали, как без дезодоранта избавиться от запаха пота

Scientists have proposed how to get rid of the smell of sweat

The solution containing the zinc oxide particles was much more effective means to combat the smell of sweat.

At the ECCMID conference 2019 in the Netherlands, the scientists said about a tool that is more effective against body odor than the most popular deodorants. We are talking about the solution, containing the zinc oxide particles.

Recall that human sweat does not have its own smell. Unpleasant “aroma” occurs due to the germs that live on the skin.

Many modern deodorants kill the germs in the armpits and other affected parts of the body, however, this means radically changing the microflora of the skin and make it vulnerable to inflammation.

A group of scientists accidentally created a replacement for deodorants, experimenting with zinc oxide (ZnO), which began to be considered as a means to disinfect open wounds and surgical sutures.

During the experiments it was observed that emulsion a solution of ZnO not only eliminated the inflammation but also destroyed all the colonies of bacteria of the genera Corynebacterium and Staphylococcus.

These microbes, as the biologists produce large quantities of fatty acids, which are considered to be the main source of the unpleasant aroma of sweat.

Typing a group of three dozen volunteers, the researchers asked them not to use deodorant for three weeks.

Seven days after the rejection of antiperspirants, the researchers invited volunteers into the laboratory, collected samples of sweat and microbes, and then treated their pits two “new deodorant.”

In half of the cases one of them was replaced by a dummy, did not know what nor the participants of the experiments or the experimenters. Repeating this procedure every three days, the researchers asked the volunteers how their armpits smell and what means they believed to be more effective.

Experiments unexpectedly showed that the solution of zinc oxide very effectively cope with this task, destroying all colonies Corynebacterium and Staphylococcus on the skin of volunteers.

The force of his action is not dependent on the sex of the participants in the experiments, the acidity level in their skin, and its other properties.

The researchers plan to conduct more extensive experiments in the near future.

Earlier it was reported that improper use of aerosol deodorants can cause health problems.

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