The second SIM card. Will it work eSIM.

Вторая симка. Заработает ли eSIM в новых iPhone

Flagship iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max

The second physical SIM card will be available only in China for the rest of the electronic card. But in Ukraine, the operators do not support this technology.

Apple has revealed the new model of iPhones – the flagship iPhone Xs iPhone Xs Max and more affordable iPhone Xr. All devices received the support of two SIM-cards.

But two physical cards will be available only for China, for other countries, the second map is a virtual eSIM. Such technology is not available in all countries. Корреспондент.net tells details.

What is eSIM

eSIM is a very small module on the motherboard of the gadget, he is responsible for the identification of the network operator. The letter “e” in the title means “embedded” – embedded in English. Unlike a regular SIM card chips eSIM manufacturers build in the electronic device themselves, which saves space in the device.

No change, but more expensive. What’s wrong with the new iPhone

In one smartphone can be multiple virtual SIM cards, but will be working only the one that the user selects manually. The card is not damaged and is not lost, and to change operator in a few calls. However, there is the threat of electronic copy of SIM cards and theft.

Вторая симка. Заработает ли eSIM в новых iPhone

What is eSIM

Despite the positive eSIM to Apple none of the top companies produced smartphones with this technology. ESIM for the first time in a mass consumer gadget used Samsung smart watch Gear S2 3G in 2016.

Apple first integrated eSIM in the third generation of Apple Watch. However, even before Campania released iPad Pro with LTE connectivity come with the Apple SIM. This is a special SIM card issued by Apple Inc. It can be configured in any network operator.

eSIM in Ukraine

Electronic SIM card today supported by 14 operators in ten countries around the world, including USA, Austria, Hungary, Canada, India, Croatia, Spain, Czech Republic, UK and Germany. Operators in Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries do not support this technology.

There is one caveat – the smartphone manufacturer itself determines which operators will cooperate. What affects competition in the market, and the buyer gets more and more dependent from the manufacturer of mobile devices.


As already mentioned, none of the Ukrainian operators not supported by eSIM. To connect to the iPhone Xs iPhone Xs iPhone Max or Xr the second number will not work. Only if Apple has not set a software limit on the activation of the second nano-SIM in the iPhone XS is Max then it could become a loophole for users.

In Ukraine, prices for the iPhone Xs start from $ 39 999 hryvnia, and iPhone Xs Max – 44 999 hryvnia. The iPhone XR in Ukraine will start from 29 999 USD. Will go on sale in Ukraine in the first half of October.

The manual just in case: Settings -> Cellular -> Add number. The camera will scan the QR-code, which is issued by the operator. Also you can activate the rate of application of the operator.

After you add the second number he can prisvoit status: Main, Second, Personal, work. Then set up distribution on room make – iMessage messages and FaceTime calls, what number to use for outbound activity. Will be able to use a second room only for the consumption of cellular data.

For calls iPhone will automatically remember where you last spoke to the contact. If this is the first call, the smartphone will choose a Prime number. In the profile of each contact, a menu will appear Preferred room for customization.

Where will work the second SIM in the iPhone

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