The security forces launched a corridor under the Rada

Силовики организовали коридор под Радой

Conflicts under the Rada are constantly emerging

Between activists and militiamen again had a conflict due to the organized of the corridor.

So MPs could go from the houses of Parliament, law enforcement officers organized a corridor for them. Also along this corridor must go through the President of Malta, who had planned to visit the Ukrainian Parliament, passes the Censor.

The creation of the so-called corridor between police and protesters once again had a conflict.

The protesters said about the obstruction of law enforcement officers trying to carry camping food and water. In the end, the protesters threw sleeping bags and sleeping pads through the checkpoint of law enforcement officers.

Protesters with shields lined up in front of police officers.

We will remind, on Tuesday outside the Verkhovna Rada in Kyiv gathered about 4 thousand people. Among requirements of protesters – the abolition of parliamentary immunity, the creation of an anti-corruption court and to introduce a proportional electoral system with open lists.

As a result of the conflict injured four people.

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