The Senate of Brazil ousted President Dilma Rousseff

Сенат Бразилии отстранил от власти президента Дилму Русеф

Сенат Бразилии отстранил от власти президента Дилму Русеф

The Senate of Brazil voted for the removal from power of President Dilma Rousseff. Rousseff herself will appear before the court.

During the speeches of senators at the Parliament building gathered about six thousand people, supporting the President, but the crowd was dispersed by the police using percovich cylinders.

It was also reported that Rousseff, without waiting for the results of the vote, ordered to withdraw their belongings out of the presidential residence.

In Brazil since mid-2013 and continuing corruption scandal involving the energy company Petrobras, and damage exceeds $ 5 billion. In particular, corruption has been blamed former President Luis da Silva, who is Rousseff decided in March 2016 to enter into the government.

The requirement of impeachment related to the corruption in the Brazilian oil company Petrobras. According to investigators, the leadership of Petrobras took kickbacks for construction contracts, and part received illegal funds channeled to the ruling party.

Rousseff – a member of the workers ‘ Party, she’s in charge of Brazil since 2011, Her predecessor, Luis da Silva, from the same batch, has been President since 2003, Rousseff was the head of his administration.

Acting President of Brazil Vice-President Michel Temer.

Сенат Бразилии отстранил от власти президента Дилму Русеф