The separatists announced the discovery in Slavyansk cell DNI

Сепаратисты заявили об открытии в Славянcке ячейки ДНР

The flag of the so-called DNR

The city’s plan to implement “tasks of the Republic.”

In Slavyansk opened the primary unit of social movement Donetsk Republic, said the so-called Deputy head of the Central Executive Committee of the self-proclaimed DND Andrey Kramar, the separatist DAN Agency.

“We opened a primary cell in the “occupied” Slavyansk. About 20 residents joined our ranks,” said Kramar.

It is reported that the separatists plan to develop and implement on Ukrainian territory goals and objectives of the self-proclaimed DND.

According to Kramer, Slavyansk – not a stranger to them.

“I am sure that he will forever go down in the history of Donbass”, – added the “Executive Committee”.

Earlier, the security service of Ukraine liquidated the organization of the Title sovereign people of Ukraine.

Detained a group of forging passports to the separatists – SBU