The separatists are explosions near Dokuchaevsk – headquarters

Сепаратисты ведут подрывы возле Докучаевска – штаб

In the area Dokuchaevsk explosions

Most likely, the enemy this makes for a engineering arrangement of the positions.

The self-proclaimed DNR separatists today carried out the bombings near the village of Petrovskoe, in the area uncontrolled by Ukraine Dokuchaevsk in Donetsk region on the border with the grey area. This reports the press center of staff ATO.

“Today there have been documented cases of intentional explosions in the area Dokuchaevsk, near the village of Petrovskoe. This settlement is in the occupied territory and is bordered by a gray area. Most likely, the fighters do it for the engineering arrangement of their positions,” – said in the message.

The staff noted that on-site explosions recorded work of representatives from news agencies, which is located on the temporarily occupied territory.

The military did not exclude that “the”journalists” can use this fact in favor of the occupiers, indicating that it is the consequences of shelling of the Ukrainian Armed forces”.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier it became known that the separatists are preparing to use on the Donbass new kind of prohibited weapons. It is a mobile four-jet systems of volley fire.

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