The separatists are “merged” a database of journalists

Сепаратисты "слили" свою базу данных журналистов

Promulgated a database of Ukrainian journalists

The Network released the phone numbers of the members of the media accredited by the Ukrainian side.

In the Internet appeared the lists and contacts of journalists accredited to cover the events in the Donbas from the Ukrainian party as of October 2014. The database is published on one of the separatist websites.

Base of media personnel (including journalists, operators, drivers) more than 70 pages. In her published phone numbers of hundreds of Ukrainian and foreign journalists, freelancers.

In particular, the names, positions and contacts of representatives of a number of print, online media and TV channels. Our database of foreign journalists are the representatives of UK, USA, Russia, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Turkey, Sweden, Greece,and other countries.

We will remind, earlier caused a scandal by publishing lists with the data of thousands of journalists the website of the Ukrainian Peacemaker. Members of the media from its database have been accredited by the separatists for their work in Donbass.

May 13, Peacemaker announced its closure, and may 15, Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Georgy Tuka said that the Peacemaker project resumed its work.

The scandal with the Peacemaker

The EU called to remove the database from the Peacemaker

Peacemaker has published a new list of journalists

Peacemaker has published a new list of journalists

“Minpravda” rally in support of the “Peacemaker”

The Peacemaker website resumes