The separatists fired three positions of the OOS

Сепаратисты трижды обстреляли позиции ООС

In Donbass from the beginning of day three of attack of a prohibited weapon

The enemy is firing from the forbidden “Minsk” weapons. At positions near Novoluganskogo and Water shot from artillery and mortars.

Sunday, October 7, in the area of operations of the combined forces was recorded shooting sighting shelling of the Ukrainian strongholds. This was at the briefing said the speaker of the Ministry of defense Maxime Prout.

“The enemy is actively used a prohibited artillery and mortars”, – he stressed.

So, the direction of Lugansk one of the strongholds near the village of Novoluganskoe the separatists since the beginning of the day carried out a fire attack with mortars 120 caliber, and in the morning within 20 minutes of firing from APCS at the Ukrainian positions near the Crimean from uncontrolled Kiev Grooves.

In the direction of Donetsk morning began with a prolonged attack of positions of divisions of integrated forces Water from nearby artillery caliber of 122 mm, 120 x mortars and APCS. The fire was coming from the direction of the village Uzhivka.

“Since the beginning of the current day the enemy fired on our positions 3 artillery shells of 122-caliber, as well as 13 mines of calibre of 120 mm,” said Prout.

According to him, the Ukrainian military has been forced twice to open fire in response.

“Losses in the ranks of the combined forces since the beginning of the current day not recorded,” – informed the representative of the MOU.

Recall that over the past day in the Donbas there were 25 attacks, two soldiers were injured.

Also on the delimitation line in Donetsk region the woman also died. She became ill when she crossed the line of demarcation along the corridor Gorlovka – Bahmut.

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