The separatists gave Ukraine two hostages

Сепаратисты отдали Украине двух заложниц

The transfer of prisoners occurred near Makeyevka.

On Tuesday morning, took place announced the transfer of two prisoners – Angelica Presniakovas and Olga, Svorak. As reported by DNR resources, the captives gave the head of the Ukrainian Center of release of prisoners “Officer corps” Vladimir Ruban.

In brief comments to reporters Ruban noted that this program “would accelerate the process of prisoner exchange in Donbas”.

Recall, these women leaders LDNR suggested that the people’s Deputy Hope Savchenko.

Angelica Presnyakov – former judge of the district court and court of Appeal Novoazovsk Donetsk region. About the circumstances of her getting captured is not known.

Olga Svorak (Bogdanova) – a journalist of Ivano-Frankivsk was captured in the LC in June of this year. She came on a visit to the local “militia”, was captured and accused of working for the security service.

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