The separatists on the border with Russia were loading boxes of ammunition, the OSCE

Сепаратисты на границе с Россией загружали ящики для боеприпасов – ОБСЕ

The OSCE said about the busy traffic on the uncontrolled Ukraine border with Russia

Observers spent at the checkpoint Marinovka just over an hour and noticed on the border with Russia, tens of trucks.

Observers Special monitoring mission (SMM) OSCE recorded as uncontrollable in Novoazovskiy district of Donetsk region near the border with Russia, separatists “DNR” loaded ammunition.

This is stated in the report of the OSCE on 27 November, published yesterday.

According to the report, in the village of Markino Novoazovskiy district armed member of the armed forces ordered the representatives of the monitoring mission to leave the area.

While the observers saw at the site, the separatists have loaded boxes of ammunition in the truck and anti-aircraft guns (ZU-23).

In addition, at the checkpoint on the border near the village of marynivka (78 km East of Donetsk) for about 70 minutes, the observers saw that emigrated from the Ukraine 20 cars (6 with Ukrainian number plates 6 – 8 with Russian and marked “DNR”) and 10 trucks with covered cargo compartments (5 with the Ukrainian registration plates, 1 Russian and 4 marked “DNR”)

Also in Ukraine drove 22 cars (6 with the Ukrainian registration plates, 11 – with Russian and 5 marked “DNR”) and 9 trucks with covered cargo compartments (5 with the Ukrainian registration plates, 1 Russian and 3 marked “DNR”).

Earlier it became known that during the flight over outside the government’s control of the Ukrainian territories of Donetsk region disappeared, the drone of the OSCE SMM. Shortly before loss of communication with the drone was marked by interference, perhaps caused by jamming.

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