The separatists used a powerful weapon – staff

Сепаратисты применили мощное оружие – штаб

The funnel of an enemy shell

Fighters assume that the projectile could be fired from a portable version of the Grad MLRS.

Separatists began to use unusual shells against the Ukrainian military in the area of Avdeevka. A photo of one of the craters has published on his page in Facebook the speaker of the press center of staff ATO Anton myronovych.

According to him, the shell landed in the suburbs of the Town yesterday evening.

“About 3 m in depth and 7 in width. These are the consequences “greetings” from “young Republic.” Arrived yesterday evening, still light, on our positions in the suburbs of Avdeevka. The nature of the explosion first thought it was a 120-mm mine. Subsequently, having examined the funnel, there were suspicions that this missile from a portable version of the Grad MLRS. At least the funnel found in the wreckage is very similar to the remains of the ammunition,” wrote Mironovich.

According to the speaker of the press center of staff ATO, the militants are increasingly shelled positions of forces of anti-terrorist operation of the portable Hail from the terminal of the Donetsk airport.

As reported Корреспондент.netfor the last day, 2 may, the separatists 53 times fired at positions of Ukrainian armed forces in Donbass. In the fighting two soldiers were killed and five others were injured.

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