The separatists violated the truce headquarters OOS

Сепаратисты дважды нарушили перемирие – штаб ООС

The separatists are actively using mortars

The attacks of the enemy, the Ukrainian military answered every time with fire. Enemy losses are being specified.

Units of the separatists since the beginning of the current day twice violated the ceasefire regime in the Donbas. However, three times used a weapon banned by the Minsk agreements. The APU is no loss.

This reports the press center of the headquarters Operations of joint forces in the evening Bulletin on Saturday, March 9.

So, in the strip of responsibility of tactical group East the enemy fired at Ukrainian positions in the area of Lebedinsky mortars of caliber of 120 mm.

In the strip of responsibility of tactical group of the Northern separatists fired from mortars of calibers of 120 and 82 mm in the Crimean.

“The enemy attacks our defenders every time he said an adequate fire. Enemy losses are specified”, – added to the staff.

Recall from the beginning of the “spring” of the truce since March 8 until 7:00 Saturday, March 9, in the Donbass was recorded only one enemy attack.

And a day before the truce in the Donbass recorded 18 attacks. Then injuring five soldiers APU.

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