The Serbs intend to file a complaint against the refereeing in the match with Switzerland

Сербы намерены подать жалобу на судейство в матче со Швейцарией

The complaint caused the episode with unassigned penalty. Maybe the referee didn’t see the episode, but his aid was replaced by a system VAR.

After the game between Serbia and Switzerland, the Serbian Football Federation intends to file a complaint against the German referee Felix Briha that when the score was 1:1 gave at the gates of Switzerland obvious penalty.

“I don’t understand why do we even have the system VAR. We have already the second case when the system needs to use, but it doesn’t work. The first case occurred during the match with Costa Rica, the second – today. But the system VAR is not accessed. Why should it be generally introduced. Or the system works for individual teams, not for everyone. We had to give two penalties on the Target in two matches.

Maybe the referee didn’t see the episode, but his aid was replaced by a system VAR. Inteesno than these guys do for a living? It seems to me that we have introduced a system of VAR in order on arbitrator be people who will point him to the error.

Can it is necessary to introduce four people who will follow them? But then in the end, a hundred people will control what we see without them. I saw an episode with him. But this is Brazil. But we – Serbia. We all do not care. I’m in no blame. We just hurt. we go the extra mile and give all of yourself… It’s the world Cup. For us it is difficult even just to get here. And when here…” – said the President of the Football Federation of Serbia Savo Milosevic.

Recall that Shaqiri brought victory to Switzerland in the match with Serbia in the group stage of the 2018 world Cup, scoring in the closing stages.

Earlier it was reported that xhaka and Shaqiri after scoring potrollit Serbs.

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