The share of Ukrainian-language songs on the radio grew – the national Council

Доля украиноязычных песен на радио выросла - Нацсовет

The national Council said that the share of Ukrainian songs on the radio grew

Over the two year period of the language quotas, the share of Ukrainian-language songs on the radio increased by 4 percentage points, reported the national Council.

The national Council of Ukraine on television and radio summed up the results of the implementation of the radio provisions of the law on execution of songs and the conduct of broadcasts in the Ukrainian language in two years, their actions. On Wednesday, December 5, reported the press service of the national Council.

It is noted that the average proportion of songs in the Ukrainian language on the national radio stations during the second year of the language of quotas was 51%, compared to the first year (November 2016 – October 2017) more than 4%.

As shown by the monitoring of the national Council, on average, 86% of programs on national radio stations sounded in the Ukrainian language. Compared to last year, this figure increased by 2%. Therefore, exceeding quotas broadcast in the Ukrainian language for radio stations nationwide coverage is 31%.

According to a member of the national Council Valentina Koval, quotas arose “as a consequence of a certain attitude to themselves, their people, their history, and as a response to an external situation.”

“We started to identify themselves as Ukrainians due to the language too,” he said.

It is noted that legal quotas have forced radio stations to find new content for the esters, and also to motivate some of the performers to return to the Ukrainian language.

According to the press service, during the period from November 2017 to October 2018 in accordance with the requirements of the law, the share of songs in Ukrainian language had to be at least 30%, and the volume of broadcast in the Ukrainian language – not less than 55%.

Previously the Council has found evidence of sabotage of language quotas in the broadcast some Ukrainian radio stations.

We will remind, the President Petro Poroshenko said that the national radio station exceeded established quotas for Ukrainian-language songs by 24%.


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