The simple truth about shipping cars from the USA, of which do not speak to customers

Простые истины о доставке авто из США, о которых не говорят клиентам

American automobiles — the sales leaders in the market of used cars in the world, is characterized by complete staffing, low mileage, well kept condition, serviced at authorized service station.

Service of all types of cars from the company Taurus Group – a good investment in driving the property.

Ukrainian secondary market sbagrivaet car in a deteriorated condition, pre-zatonirovany body to the bright wrapper rushed into the eyes of motorists. If we talk about the market States, there is such a car go to the scrap, and resale exhibited machines of good quality that on the Ukrainian roads will go not one year.


About what are silent outbid?

● The cost of imported cars from the USA at 40% below the market value of such cars in Ukraine in the secondary market. This allows the same money to buy a car a class above or more the new model year.

● Auto in America with minor injuries can be bought for a penny, and in connection with the adoption of the Law on preferential customs to register the car in Ukraine is now possible at reduced rates. Despite the fact the car will be almost out of the salon, without the curled run, and with the tires in good condition.

● Equipment that breaks down on the roads of the States is already beyond repair, in Ukraine hundredfold repair work practice and other foreign markets. Buying a car from America, you can be confident in the performance and safety of the machine.


Artisanal conditions, exclusions from insurance of the rules of resale

Presentation machine — the first criterion that should meet the standard of the secondary market. For this, Taurus Group has partnered with professional insurance company, which is acts according to the technical parameters of the machine, and makes a single database.

What you need to buy a car from the US?

1. Leave a request on the official website of Taurus Group, or call the numbers listed in the contacts. After that you will contact the Manager to specify the requirements for car and choose the appropriate options.

2. Taurus Group together with the insurance company checks the history and all the data about the selected vehicle, after which your name is involved in the bidding for the car ransom.

3. If the auction is won, you are paying for the cost of a car, collecting, auction, shipping cars to Ukraine.

4. Auto is insurance against accidents. Submerged car in a container and delivered by water transport.

5. Equipment arrives in the port of Odessa. After opening the container, an employee of Taurus Group with all the documentation verifies the integrity of cars and conformity to the specified parameters in the document, preparing equipment for customs clearance.

6. The car is delivered to the destination city.

The service “turnkey delivery” is the best that can offer a firm for the purchase of American cars.