The Singapore Grand Prix online Formula 1 race

Гран-при Сингапура: онлайн гонки Формулы-1

In the nearest weekend in Singapore will be the next stage of the Royal race.

Online stream of Singapore Grand Prix:

The Singapore Grand Prix appeared in the calendar relatively recently, in 2008, and was the first stage in the history of Formula 1, conducted under artificial lighting. Night race combined with a stunning urban landscape create a unique atmosphere.

Largely race in Singapore is similar to Monaco, there is always a feeling of glamour and luxury, and fans and guests to have parties in the course of the weekend. However, by the riders and teams are not so rosy, because for them, this stage becomes a real challenge due to work on nonstandard schedule, so the Europeans could watch the race at the usual time, because of the heat, which does not subside even at night, due to the complexity of the route, where there is literally no room for error.


Гран-при Сингапура: онлайн гонки Формулы-1

Marina Bay, in contrast to the city track in Monaco, is normal for Formula 1, a length of 5 km And considering low speed, the race turns out the longest in the championship. Moreover, the likelihood of car safety is 100%.

On the track there are 23 turn, many of them narrow and slow. Brake wear and fuel consumption is very high. There is almost no place for overtaking, and therefore extremely important success in qualifying and a good start. Engine power in Singapore is not of great importance, much more important to choose the right strategy.

Schedule of races

Friday, September 14

11:30 – 13:00 First training session
15:30 – 17:00 Second training

Saturday, September 15

13:00 – 14:00 Third training
16:00 Qualification

Sunday, September 16

15:10 Race

The Cup of designers
Personal offset of pilots

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