The situation in Ichnya: police were called 37 times

Ситуация в Ичне: полицию вызывали 37 раз

In Ichnia have stepped up patrols

In Ichnia and the surrounding area Natspolitsiya increases the number of patrols. At the entrances and exits to the 50-kilometer zone working groups response.

Police recorded 37 cases of citizens in connection with the incident in the Chernihiv region. On Tuesday, October 9, the press service of the Channel.

The acting Chairman of national police Vyacheslav Abroskin said that some of the calls were associated with fires on the outskirts of Ichnya.

“Now, the police received 37 messages from citizens. Four of them directly on the occurrence of fires in buildings on the outskirts of Ichnya. Forces SSES the fire was localized”, – stated in the message.

Also, the police received three reports of looting in Ichnya and the district. Police checked this information – it has not been confirmed.

In addition, the entrances and exits in the 50-kilometer zone of the emergency situation work group responses police patrol. Traffic is restricted.

Abroskin also reported that the national police of Ukraine increases the number of patrols in the area of the emergency. According to him, patrols are increasing by the hour, so, in particular, to prevent looting.

“We are every hour increasing the number of police in the emergency zone. The main goal is the promotion and protection of public order in places where evacuation of the local population. Also, we must not allow the facts of looting and other offences in relation to citizens who have suffered from this situation”, – Abroskin wrote in Facebook.



As reported, the explosions on the territory of 6 Arsenal in Ichnia began on the night of October 9. Is evacuation of people. Deployed the headquarters of the emergency incident.

The General staff said four explosions in the warehouses, resulting in started fires with further detonation.


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