The situation in the ATO zone remains tense, recorded 53 attacks by militants – press officer

Ситуация в зоне АТО остается напряженной, зафиксировано 53 обстрела со стороны боевиков, - пресс-офицер

The situation in the ATO area remains tense, with the beginning of the day were 53 attacks by the militants. This was reported by press officer of the ATO headquarters Yaroslav Chepurny in “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“The situation remains tense. One of the difficult areas is Mariupol. Now, at this time, we already have 53 of the shelling,” – said the speaker.

He added: “the Weekend was more or less calm. The number of attacks were much less. The usage amount of the enemy’s heavy artillery was also considerably less than what we have today. However, I note that fighters fire Water for 5 days in a row with heavy artillery. Therefore, to say that their actions towards us under the Water was very unexpected, so it is impossible to say.”

News on topic: there was a video of shelling of positions of AFU fighters in the area of Water

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