The size of the army has grown over two years in 120 thousand

Численность армии выросла за два года на 120 тысяч

In 2.5 years the number of land forces of Ukraine increased by 120 thousand

The number of land forces of Ukraine today is almost 170 thousand, and 2.5 years ago, 49 thousand.

The number suhoputnyh troops of the Ukrainian army for the last 2.5 years has increased by 120 thousand people, said the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak.

“For 2.5 years army took the brunt of the load. The army during this time has formed 12 teams, 8 regiments. The number of ground troops today is almost 169 thousand and 49 thousand,” he said.

He noted that was conducted and reforms.

“He formed a management reserve corps, conducted a reform of the military administration, created 4 operational command. And most importantly – all this happened at a time when it was necessary to conduct combat operations”, – said the Minister of defence.

We will note, recently Ukraine has risen in the ranking of the militarization from 23rd to 15th place.

Earlier the General staff announced the readiness of the Ukrainian army to repel the Russian aggression.