The sky over the winery was closed for another week

Небо над Винницей закрыли еще на неделю

The airport of Vinnytsia is closed

The radius of the ban on flights is 5 km from the center in Kalynivka.

Prohibition of flights in the burning of the ammunition depots in Vinnytsia region is extended until 20:59 on October 9, however with a much smaller radius.

As reports Interfax-Ukraine with reference to Ukraerocenter, the radius of the ban is at 5 km with the center in Kalinovka, the vertical border, of ban – from the earth’s surface to a height of 4250м.

We will remind, on the territory of military units in the kalynivskyi district of the Vinnytsia region in the evening of 26 September, a fire broke out and explosions.

Ukraerocenter after receiving operational information at 23:45 the same day, placed a ban on the use of airspace over ammunition depots within a radius of 50 and an unlimited heights, followed by the change.

So, if as of the evening of 27 September the ban imposed on September 26 in the radius of 50 km from the surface to unlimited altitude has been extended until 23:59 on October 1 and reduced to a 12 km radius and 4.25 thousand meters, then subsequent updated restriction was introduced until 02:59 on October 2 in a radius of 40 km with the center in Kalinovka and from the surface to unlimited altitude.

Was exooba Корреспондент.netas of morning on October 2 ammunition depots in the village continuing single detonation of ammunition.

Recently the media reported that the explosions in the village were destroyed more weapons than the Ukrainian army have spent three years in the Donbass.

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