The socialists declared raider capture of the party by Kiva

Социалисты заявили о рейдерском захвате партии Кивой

The party of socialists and the social Democrats issued a joint statement.

The socialist party of Ukraine (SPU) and the social democratic party (PSD) jointly declared raider capture of the socialist party.

The party recalled the Congress socialist party, Chairman of the party chose the Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Ilya Kiva.

The Chairman of the socialist party Mykola Sadovy, the heads of regional organizations of the socialist party and the Social democratic party in the person of Sergei Kaplina made a joint statement.

“This action is one of the elements of the criminal activities of groups led by citizen Ustenko for raider capture of the Socialist party of Ukraine, the destruction of its good name and undermine the confidence of Ukrainians”, – stated in the message.

In party claim that June 21, 2014 Ustenko resolution of the XX Congress of the socialist party was relieved of the post of leader of the socialist party. He, according to the party, made a raider seizure of the Central office of the socialist party in Kiev and kidnapped the constituent documents of the party, in connection with 12 July 2014 the political Council of the socialist party expelled him from the party.

“We demand to stop raider seizure of the Socialist party of Ukraine, which is carried out with the obvious assistance of the Ministry of justice and the participation of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine!” – declared in party.

Earlier, Kiva spoke about Russia that Ukraine should be broken in his pride.