The spacecraft Crew Dragon returned to Earth

Корабль Crew Dragon вернулся на Землю

The capsule successfully splashed down off the coast of Florida. To pick up on a special rescue ship company SpaceX with a crane.

Reentry capsule of the latest American space Shuttle Crew Dragon company SpaceX on Friday, March 8, successfully landed in the Atlantic ocean. About it reports a press-service of National Agency on Aeronautics and space research.

It is noted that after a five-day joint flight to the International space station Crew Dragon, dropping unpressurized cargo Bay de-orbited.

In the dense layers of the atmosphere above the capsule the parachutes opened, and she gently splashed down 200 miles off the coast of Florida. Soon, the capsule will lift from the water surface on a special rescue ship company SpaceX with a crane.



.@SpaceX’s recovery fast boats approached the #CrewDragon as it splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean. Up next, the team will hoist the spacecraft on the Go Searcher recovery ship.

— NASA Commercial Crew (@Commercial_Crew) on 8 March 2019

Before Crew Dragon rusticoville with the International space station.

Recall, the ship was launched on March 2 carrier rocket Falcon-9 company SpaceX. It is a modified cargo Dragon capsule, which since 2012 has repeatedly delivered cargo to the ISS. During this flight, on Board were about 200 kg of cargo, scientific equipment for measuring flight parameters, as well as a mannequin in a spacesuit.


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