The speaker of the Turkish Parliament advocated the adoption of the Constitution religious

Спикер турецкого парламента выступил за принятие религиозной конституции

The speaker of the Turkish Parliament and a member of the ruling justice and development Ismail Kahraman, called to replace the current in the country a secular Constitution on religious. He stated this at a press conference in Istanbul, BBC reports.

“We are a Muslim country. Accordingly, we must have a religious Constitution,” said Kahraman.

It is noted that the representatives of the ruling party have repeatedly proposed to replace the current Basic law, adopted in November 1982 in which there was no religious provision.

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The leader of the opposition Republican people’s party of Turkey Kemal Kilicdaroglu criticized the proposal Kahraman.

“The chaos that reigns in the middle East, was the result of the thinking of those who, like you, makes the religion element of the policy,” kılıçdaroğlu wrote on Twitter.

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The opposition also fears that the new Constitution could give too much power to the President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who advocates the expansion of presidential powers.

Over the past two years, the authorities lifted the ban on women wearing headscarves in schools and civil service, restricted the sale of alcohol and have taken steps to separate the University dormitories for male and female.

Earlier it was reported that Turkey has arrested a Dutch journalist of Turkish origin, who wrote an article critical of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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