The special representative of the United States did not support the media bans

Спецпредставитель США не поддержал запреты СМИ

Kurt Volker

Kurt Volker I’m not sure that a ban on information – the right method of solving the problem.

New US special representative for settlement in Ukraine Kurt Volker does not support the information policy in Ukraine in the context of the prohibitions of the media or journalists.

He stated shortly before his appointment in an interview with the Ukrainian service of voice of America.

“I’m not sure that a ban on information in any context – the correct method of solving the problem. I think that publicity and transparency are important. If there are things that are made illegal, e.g., financial crimes, find it, investigate and apply restrictions appropriately,” said Walker.

The American diplomat stressed that in the information space, the main thing is transparency and credibility of the information, so that people independently made his own decisions.

As reported Корреспондент.netlast week it became known about the appointment, Kurt Volker for the post of US special envoy to Ukraine.

The day before President Petro Poroshenko announced that Welker will be in Ukraine a few days to better understand the prospects for conflict settlement in the Donbass.