The Spengler Cup. Canada and Lugano will meet in the final

Кубок Шпенглера. Канада и Лугано встретятся в финале

Ended semi-final match at the international tournament of the Spengler Cup.

Yesterday evening was the semi-final fights of the old and prestigious hockey tournament of Europe “Spengler Cup”.

In the first semifinal, team Canada got a minimal victory over the Belarusian Dinamo Minsk with the score 3:2. Note that these teams have already met in the group stage in the first round and then, representatives of the KHL were stronger with the score 7:4.

In the first period the Maple leaf players dominating proceedings and opened the scoring in the eighth minute of the match when Micflikier gave the ball to Pulo, and the one with a cool cast from the right faceoff circle accurately into the far corner – 0:1. After another seven minutes, the Canadians earned a most than happy to have used, but the goal was pretty funny. Didomenico made a lumbago along gate, and the puck hit the skate of a defender and ricocheted into the net of the Minsk club – 0:2.

At the end of the first period, the Minsk has received the right to double most, but realize it could only at the start of the second period, when Stepanov decided to shoot from the outside, which turned out to be accurate and the puck flew into the top corner of the goal Focale – 1:2.

Then the goals came at the equator of the final period. First distinguished Canadians: the author of the first goal, Polo made the transfer to Genome that a strong shot under the crossbar Scrivens – 1:3. After three minutes, the Belarusians said their effective attack in the majority, which made Allison throw from the blue line – 2:3.

Thus, team Canada took revenge for the starting defeat in the tournament and reached the final.

Dinamo Minsk – Canada 2:3 (0:2, 1:0, 1:1)

Washer: 07:07 Polo (Micflikier, Didomenico) – 0:1; 14:03 Didomenico (Noro, Polio – large.) – 0:2; 21:44 Stepanov (Pettersson – large.) – 1:2; 52:29 Genoa (Polio) – 1:3; 55:16 Allison (Baskets, Kovyrshin is great.) – 2:3

Goalies: Scrivens – Focale

Shots: 23 – 37

Penalty: 26 – 22

In the second semi-final was a Swiss battle Lugano very easily and confidently beat Davos with the score 4:0.

In all three periods, the hosts had a significant advantage and it was evident that they are much stronger than their rivals, but it should be said that the players of Davos played four games in four days, so the fatigue factor has not been canceled.

In the first period. Lugano brought forward, then in the second frame scored, Burgler and the Chiesa and the final point in the third period put Bertaggia, who scored in the minority.

The winners we will note the goalkeeper of the national team of Latvia Merzlikina Elvis, who had a great match and reflect all 35 shots on their goal.

Thus, Lugano goes into the finals where for the second year in a row to meet with team Canada. Recall that last year old trophy of the tournament went to the Maple leaf, who beat the Swiss with the score 4:3.

Lugano – Davos 4:0 (1:0, 2:0, 1:0)

Washer: 16:59 Clasen (Wisniewski, Mårtensson) – 1:0; 31:23, Burglar (Ves – great.) – 2:0; 35:01 Chiesa (Walker, Lapierre did) – 3:0; 45:54, Bertaggia (Hofmann – less.) – 4:0

Goalkeepers: Merzlikin – Nyffeler

Throws: 33 – 35

Penalty: 26 – 24

The same news on the Spengler Cup. Canada and Lugano will meet in the final

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