The Spengler Cup. Canada stronger Davos, the Motorist lost to Mountfield

Кубок Шпенглера. Канада сильнее Давоса, Автомобилист уступил Маунтфилду

Ended second day at the international tournament of the Spengler Cup.

Today took place the next matches of the old and prestigious hockey tournament of Europe “Spengler Cup”.

Recall that yesterday Lugano beat Motorist, and team Canada lost to Dinamo Minsk.

In the first match of Russian Motorist that represents the KHL lost to Czech Mountfield.

In the first period, the teams exchanged goals. At 31 seconds Monya brought the Russians ahead, but four minutes later the Czechs equalised efforts of Arasaka. Second period players of the Motorist more dominated and deservedly took the lead by two goals, thanks to effective pitching this book and Chistov. In the third period, everything changed and the Czechs turned the game, they win. The main character Mountfield became the Slovak Cucumbers, who scored twice, and the victory of the Czechs has brought effective throw of Arasaka four minutes before the final siren.

Thus, the Motorist lost the second game in a row and remains in last place in group A, as Mountfield won a victory in tomorrow’s match will compete with Lugano for a direct ticket to the semifinals.

Mountfield – Motorist 4:3 (1:1, 0:2, 3:0)

Washer: 00:31 Monya (Timashev, Torchenyuk) – 0:1; 04:28 Jarusek (greater.) – 1:1; 37:20 Golyshev (Torchenyuk) – 1:2; 39:43 Chistov (Wasilewski – large.) – 1:3; 45:00 Cucumber (Gregorc, Bednar) – 2:3; 52:08 Cucumbers (Pavlas) – 3:3; 55:56 Jarusek (Jerins – great.) – 4:3

Goalkeepers: Rybar – Sohatskiy

Shots: 31 – 34

Penalty: 12 – 14

In the second meeting the national team of Canada with the same score got their first victory in the tournament over the Swiss Davos.

In the first period the teams exchanged scoring shots. The Swiss opened the scoring in the 12th minute effort ledina, having the most. The guests answered accurate throw Raymond on the end of the period. In the second period the only goal was scored by Emerton, which put the Canadians ahead, and did it in the minority. In the third period, the teams painted a fighting draw with the score 2:2, and this pleased the fans in the stands of the cosy arena. The Swiss exact throws on the account Rahimi and ledina, who scored twice, and the maple leaf distinguished Micflikier and Ebbett. Note that Canadians are twice implemented the most.

After two games at the canadian national team three points and second place in the group, and the Swiss zero points and the third line. Tomorrow will be the key match of the group stage between Davos and Dinamo Minsk in the case of the victory of the Swiss, all teams will have three points. In this case, all will be decided by goal difference goals against.

Davos (Switzerland) – Canada 3:4 (1:1, 0:1, 2:2)

Washer: 11:09 ledin (Ruutu, Forster – great.) – 1:0; 16:27 Raymond (Genoa, Jeffrey) – 1:1; 27:57 Emmerton (Sheppard – less.) – 1:2; 45:02 Rahimi (Ruutu, Yagli) – 2:2; 46:37 Micflikier (Gormley – large.) – 2:3; 52:40 Ebbett (Genoa, Raymond – big.) – 2:4; 55:18 Ledin (Wieser, SCHNEEBERGER) – 3:4

Goalkeepers: Senn – Focale

Shots: 36 – 34

Penalty: 20 – 12

The same news on the Spengler Cup. Canada stronger Davos, the Motorist lost to Mountfield

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