The Spengler Cup: Canada – winner of the tournament

Кубок Шпенглера: Канада – триумфатор турнира

Ended the final match of the international tournament of the Spengler Cup.

Was the last match of the regular draw of the old and prestigious hockey tournament of Europe “Spengler Cup”. Like last year, in the final of the Swiss Lugano played with sborni Canada and also the Maple leaves got the victory, becoming the victors of the tournament.

At 31 seconds of the first period, the Swiss opened the scoring efforts of Burglar that buddy caught the canadian goalkeeper Focale. After only six minutes, the Canadians managed to equalize thanks to a scoring shot in the execution of Genome.

In the second period the national team of Canada has gained momentum and the Swiss just do not have time for their rivals. As a result, three goals flew into the gate Merzlikina, and the authors of the goals were Polo, Emmerton and Ebbett.

In the third period to repeat the situation of the first period when the teams exchanged goals. First, Burglar sold the most and scored twice. Well, in the end of the match, the Swiss tried to play the six of us without a goalkeeper, but missed the empty goal from Spaling.

Thus, team Canada gets a victory at the prestigious tournament “Spengler Cup” for the second year in a row. On account of the Maple leaf a total of 14 victories in the history of this tournament.

Canada – Lugano 5:2 (1:1, 3:0, 1:1)

Washer: 00:31 Burglar (Zakrisson) – 0:1; 06:03 Genoa (Spelling, Emmerton) – 1:1; 20:59 Polo (Micflikier, Didomenico) – 2:1; 22:59 Emmerton (Spelling, parlett – less.) – 3:1; 37:17 Abet (Raymond) – 4:1; 44:08 Burgler (Wisniewski – large.) – 4:2; 59:43 Spaling (Abbott) – 5:2

Goalkeepers: Focale – Merzlikin

Shots: 47 – 42

Penalty: 24 – 12

The same news on the Spengler Cup. Canada — the winner of the tournament!

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